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I was lucky to get hold of a domain name with the Indian top domain .IN. So now I have created my own URL shortener using and it works exactly like but with my domain instead. I created the shortener with Pro and if you want to get your own, please follow this guide. It takes a few days to get approved but once you have it, it’s pretty cool.

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Swedish Page Rank 9 domain sells for 120,000 USD

Over the years, the Swedish web designer Andreas Viklund created a large number of free website templates and WordPress themes. And because most people who use his popular templates link back to his site, it has become one of the very highest ranked sites in Sweden. With Page Rank 9 it is possibly the highest ranked Swedish site ever. According to SEO expert Nikke Lindqvist, about 80 million links from 60,000 domains point to Viklund’s site.

However, due to financial difficulties, Viklund has been forced to sell his domain in a bankruptcy auction. The domain was finally sold today to an unknown bidder for 120,000 USD (plus 25% VAT).

Viklund says in a comment on Lindqvist’s blog that he has had bids for the domain via as high as 220,000 USD but different circumstances made it not possible for the bid to go through. available

The domain is for sale. Ryan Whitaker happened to own it when Apple decided to name its new mobile phone ROKR. Whether he has struck gold or not remains to be seen. At least Apple owns so Jobs et al might have an interest to bag this domain too. It is also interesting to see that the Swedish domain is still available (at 14.06 today). How long before it’s gone?

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