My personal URL shortener

I was lucky to get hold of a domain name with the Indian top domain .IN. So now I have created my own URL shortener using and it works exactly like but with my domain instead. I created the shortener with Pro and if you want to get your own, please follow this guide. It takes a few days to get approved but once you have it, it’s pretty cool.

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2 thoughts on “My personal URL shortener”

  1. Märkligt använde idag för första gången på länge när jag skulle installera ett plugin till min nya wp blog. Så skriver du om idag… coolt! Ska nog jag med kopiera men vad ska jag registrera för skoj domän?

  2. This is a very good tool for the growth of webspace, earlier the URLs used to be too long to post somewhere, now it is good to have their short form, i really like this, thanks for sharing.

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