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If you think that social media tools only can be used effectively for consumer products, think again. This is a great case study by LaSandra Brill, manager of Web and social media marketing at Cisco. It shows how Cisco used social media for the launch of the ASR 1000 launch router series.

Building a Community with Social Media and Web 2.0 – A Cisco Product Launch Case Study

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ReadWriteWeb lists the major steps of the campaign.

ASR 100 Launch Campaign Steps
1. Created a fun micro site directed at uber users (the tech and early adopter audience) to help create and spread buzz.
2. Cross posted videos from the micro site to YouTube to extend reach.
3. Established Second Life presence that included a countdown calculator and pre event live concert to increase visibility; research showed much of their audience is on Second Life.
4. Created a FaceBook group to cater to users not part of Second Life.
5. Created an interactive 3D game – Edge Quest – to attract the large gaming audience.
6. Created a widget that holds a collection of key videos, documents and images that allows sharing for their content, while remaining on their server.
7. Blogged about it on the Cisco blog to try and intrigue bloggers and customers.
8. Heightened buzz with press with a vague two paragraph teaser press release to extend press coverage and fuel buzz.
9. Created a social media release to reach out to bloggers.
10. Introduced product via live online event; video on Second Life that was cross posted on FaceBook and YouTube.
11. Created ‘Ask the Expert’ – a forum where customers could talk to the engineers that created the product.

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