First year statistics

The end of the first year of blogging is approaching and I thought I’d post some stats from my blog.

I have two RSS feeds:

The first feed currently has 88 subscribers in Bloglines. The second feed has 70 subscribers, according to my Feedburner stats, of which about a fourth are from Bloglines. I’m guessing (dreaming?) that the Atom feed in total has between 250 and 350 subscribers based on current research that indicate Bloglines market share to be between 25% and 33%. That would mean a total of 320-420 subscribers, which isn’t that bad actually. But that might be too optimistic considering that many readers don’t read Atom feeds. My reader stats from Feedburner:

A further analysis of the most popular posts, clearly showed that information related to the tsumani tragedy drew considerably more attention than other posts, the top post more than 12,000 click-throughs. Stats for the Feedburner feed:

Rank/Click-Throughs/Content Item

1/12388/Ministry for Foreign Affairs finds missing Swedes with SMS

2/75/Swedes: “What is a blog?”

3/61/Newsweek about participatory journalism

4/59/Check out Global PR Blog Week 1.0 next week

5/58/Timbro in the blogosphere #4

6/55/PR blogging in Iran

7/54/BitTorrent video files from the tsunami

8/48/RSS to be included in Apple’s browser Safari

9/42/Accusations of plagiarism at Dagens Nyheter

10/42/Mother in photos survived tsunami

Unique visitors/page views on the web page (stats from April 2004 and onwards:

April: 274/299

May: 1,696/2,221

June: 1,829/2,410

July: 1,653/2,028

August: 3,021/3,737

September: 3,602/4,675

October: 2,952/3,847

November: 6,389/8,955

December: 12,194/14,919

January: 9,797/11,586 (Jan 1 – Jan 25)

Total: 43,483/54,780

Average per day: 119/150

Top referrers:

PR Opinions 113

Technorati 79

Micro Persuasion 59