Twingly matters, here’s the evidence

Here is an example that could be used as a case study for Primelabs when they promote their service Twingly, which connects blogs with articles in mainstream media. Dagens Nyheter has a weird story today from Växjö about an accident with a truck loaded with flowers, and two men who got into a fight in which one had bitten the nose and one ear off the other guy.

But not even Sweden’s most prestigious newspaper has a photographer in every bush so there are no photos in the article. But since DN uses Twingly to show which blogs that link to an article, readers can find a blog post by Olof Carlsson who lives nearby. Olof blogged the story and posted a photo of the crashed truck, and we would hardly ever find this blog post if it hadn’t been for Twingly. So all you sceptics out there, are you still not convinced this is a good idea?

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