25 maps that show how Sweden is unique

Sweden is a neutral country, a fact that has helped keep us out of war for 200 years. We like to think of ourselves as quite moderate people. We even have our own unique word, “lagom“, which means not too much and not too little, rather “just enough”. But we might not be just as average as we would like to think. In many aspects, Sweden is the most progressive and extreme country in the world.

Here are 25 maps that show Sweden being ranked number one or in the very top on various facts. Click on the maps for larger versions.

1. Milk consumption per capita


Via Foodbeast

2. Global AgeWatch Index 2013


Via GlobalAgeWatch

3. Equal distribution of income – Gini coefficient

gini map large

Via the Atlantic

4. Gender Inequality Index


Via the Atlantic Cities

5. Social Progress Index



6. Number of researchers per million inhabitants



7. Coffee consumption per capita



8. Failed States Index 2013



9. BCG Global Innovation Index 2013


Sweden ranked #2. Via Wikipedia

10. One of only 22 countries Britain has not invaded


Via the Telegraph

11. Average age at first sex



12. Heavy metal bands per 100,000 inhabitants


Via Slate.com

13. Percentage of 15-year-olds who discuss political or social issues with their parents several times per week (Sweden among lowest)



14. Least religious countries



15. Government information transparency


Via Washington Post

16. Global Competitiveness Index



17. Forest area in percent of land area


Via World Bank

18. Corruption index



19. Percentage of Women in National Parliaments



20. World Press Freedom Index



21. The best countries to be a mother



22. Map of world happiness



23. Global Cleantech Index



24. Research and development expenditure as percent of GDP


Via World Bank

25. Fixed broadband internet subscribers per 100 people


Via World Bank

And finally a bonus chart. The result of the World Values Survey shows that Sweden is quite alone in the upper right hand corner. The graph below ranks countries on factors such as self expression values vs survival values and secular-rational values vs traditional values.


Via World Values Survey


Footnote: Inspired by 40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World. This is a translated version of my post that was first published in Swedish on my blog “Sociala Medier“.

Media Culpa is one of 10 PR Blogs with Chutzpah!

Tired of reading ranking lists with the same old A-list blogs that everyone is already following? Well here’s a fresh take from CommPRO, a service from Marketwire and Sysomos. They have listed what they call “The New Breed: 10 PR Blogs With Chutzpah!” and I am extremely proud to be included among these great blogs.

Here’s what they write about Media Culpa:

PR blog

I am humbled and honoured to be included. Here is the presentation of the ten blogs:

Footnote: Chutzpah – definition here.

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Top European media and marketing blogs

Nick Burcher of ZED Media has taken a closer look at the AdAge Power 150 ranking of the world’s top media and marketing blogs and listed the top 113 European blogs. Congratulations to Åsk ‘Dabitch’ Wäppling for grabbing the second place with her advertising blog Adland. Blogs about advertising are the most popular and it was also interesting to note that the top five spots were claimed by non-UK blogs.

My blog is in a flattering 15th place. Full list here.

Top 15 European media and marketing blogs for 19th July 2008 (Power 150 global ranking):

1 (21) Adverblog – ITALY
2 (22) Adland – SWEDEN
3 (23) I believe in adv – ITALY
4 (33) Niche Marketing – POLAND
5 (35) Adverbox – ITALY
6 (45) Russell Davies – ENGLAND
7 (49) David Airey – SCOTLAND
8 (50) Osocio – HOLLAND
9 (51) Marketing & Strategy Innovation Blog – BELGIUM
10 (53) Blogstorm – ENGLAND
11 (60) Neville Hobson – ENGLAND
12 (62) Joost De Valk’s SEO Blog – HOLLAND
13 (82) Adliterate – ENGLAND
14 (91) Only Dead Fish – ENGLAND
15 (104) Media Culpa – SWEDEN

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Top 100 Social Media and Social Networking Blogs

VirtualHosting.com has put together a nice list of what they define as the Top 100 Social Media and Social Networking Blogs. Some very good ones are on it (congrats Neville, for example) and others I haven’t read, but will check out. And perhaps if I rename this blog “Social Media Culpa” I’d have a shot at being included next time (I guess having a unique blog name wasn’t a criteria…).


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Italy drops in press freedom rankings

Last week Italian TV channel RAI lost two leading profiles that resigned in protest of Silvio Berlusconi’s increasingly strong grip on Italian media. The chairman of the board at RAI, Lucia Annunziata, said that RAI had become a “mailbox for Berlusconi’s demands”.

Accordingly, Italy now drops in Freedom House’s press freedom rankings. For the first time since 1988 a Western European country apart from Turkey is now ranked “partly free”. The press in all countries in Western Europe apart from Italy and Turkey are considered “free”.

Link via Phil’s Place.