A creative afternoon

It has been an inspiring afternoon in Stockholm City Hall. As I’m riding the bus home I’m trying to summarize my thoughts about the whole creative class model and I realize that I need to let it sink in for a day or two.

One thing though that I found to be a common theme in the commentaries afterwards was that few were willing to completely accept the notion that Sweden ranked first in the creativity index. There are of course political aspects of that, PJ Anders Linder wrote about that in SvD the other day. More on this later.

Moblogging the seminar with Richard Florida

Today I will be attending a very interesting seminar in Stockholm. The Swedish Institute has been kind enough to invite a number of bloggers to attend a seminar with author Richard Florida and others, free of charge. I know that at least two great bloggers will be present too, Jonas Morian and Jonas Söderström.

Richard Florida is the author of the bestseller Rise of the Creative Class and the follow-up called Flight of the Creative Class. His speech this afternoon is titled “The New Global Competition for Talent”.

If my moblogging efforts work out, I might try to put some notes up during the afternoon.

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