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How to find the gender of your Twitter followers

If your Twitter account is eligible for advertising, it also has an analytics section that allows you to see the gender of your followers. Just go to and Analytics > Followers and you will find information about your followers top interests, top locations and gender. Apparently 67% of my followers are male, 33% female.


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  1. Deeped says

    Only if you tweet in English and are situated in UK or USA.

  2. Deeped says

    Fel av mig.

  3. kullin says

    @deeped Verkar lite slumpmässigt det där, jag har olika konton med olika status. Mitt @kullin konto har alla annonssystemen på plats men den säger ändå att jag inte kan annonsera pga det du skriver ovan. Men datan går ändå att analysera.

  4. Deeped says

    Samma här.

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