Best Swedish media blog

The blog award YABA – Yet Another Blog Award – was announced today during the Daytona Sessions in Stockholm. As you may know, this blog was nominated in the category Best Media Blog and the competition was really tough with several great blogs on the list. The winner of the category was Same Same But Different and a big congratulations to Sofia and Niclas. I’m very proud to be in third place and I think it’s quite fantastic that my blog, which is the only one written in English, managed to rank so high. The voting process was entirely in Swedish and the percentage of visitors to this blog that are non-Swedish is as high as 70%.

The entire list, Best Swedish Media Blog:

1. Same Same But Different – 165 votes
2. Mindpark – 149 votes
3. Media Culpa – 110 votes
4. Bisonblog – 109 votes
5. Vassa Eggen – 96 votes
6. Twingly – 54 votes
7. Martin Jönsson – 52 votes
8. Newsdesk PR 2.0 – 49 votes
9. What’s Next in New Media – 41 votes
10. Digmar – 19 votes

Best trend/web blog: Johan Ronnestam.

Best marketing blog: Please Copy Me.

Thanks to all readers who voted for Media Culpa.

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