Mainstream media blogs are absent on top lists

Via BetaAlfa I found this interview with Fredrik Virtanen, journalist, tv-show host and blogger. He calls himself, I guess a bit tounge-in-cheek, “the Blogfather of Sweden”. Well, he can call himself whatever he wants, but it made me go to the blog portal Knuff and see how well journalists who blog at MSM sites are really doing. And the conclusion is that they aren’t exactly at the epicenter of the Swedish blogosphere.

A few journalist blogs are very popular, like Isobel, Niklas Svensson and Gudmundson. But the blogs who are published under the umbrella of a mainstream media site are almost completely absent from the top lists. Only Linda Skugge (at #30 of the most linked blogs and at #50 using Knuff’s own ranking system) and Helle Klein (#49 of most linked blogs).
Nerikes Allehanda is also on the list, but it doesn’t count since the URL is for its main site and not their blogs which it is supposed to.

Peronally, there is only one blog in that category that I make sure to read everyday, and that is Martin J├Ânsson’s blog at Svenska Dagbladet. He is on top of things, his comments add value to the stories and he is generous in crediting other bloggers.

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