What is “compuntoe”?

Regarding this post, I have to ask what on earth “compuntoe” is? It is currently the second most popular search term at Technorati, but the word doesn’t seem to exist at all. Technorati shows only one blog post that is not referring to the Technorati stats, and a Google search turns up zero results so it is hard to believe that this word is the second most used search term at Technorati.

Compuntoes” on the other hand gives us 44,000 Google hits.

Update: Thanks to the commenters we now know that this is part of an SEO challenge that will finish on 1st of February. “Compuntoes” is com dot es in Spanish. More info in Spanish here. This does not, however, explain why there are so many searches at Technorati for “compuntoe” and not “compuntoes”.

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