Me, a leader in my field?

Page Strength SEO Tool -
It is always interesting to analyze your blog to see how well it performs and what areas you can improve. I stumbled on this tool that measures a site’s Page Strength, based on a number of parameters. Apparently I’m doing something right because Media Culpa gets 5.5 out of 10 with this comment:

“Your site is having an impact and may even be a leader in your field (depending on how big or small that field is). Keep on this path; it’s clear that the effort you’ve put in is producing results.”

Other popular blogs’ results:
Adland: 5.5
Media Orchard: 5
Mymarkup: 5

Worth noting that each of these four examples are all #1 in Google for the first four words of title tag on target URL, so choosing a unique name for you blog pays off.

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