More than half of the blogs at Expressen have no visitors

On 24 February, Swedish daily Expressen launched a new feature enabling readers to start their own blogs at It only took a few days for Expressen to exclaim “Success!”, and indeed, they are already hosting about 1,000 blogs. However, these blogs have very few readers. I took a closer look on Friday 10 March, and at 9 PM, only 2 percent of the blogs had more than 50 daily visits. 86 percent had 5 visits or less and more than half had no visitors at all. All the 959 blogs only totalled a measly 4,315 daily visits that day (with three hours left of the day).

Naturally these figures might improve ovet time and it takes a while to build an audience, but bloggers who created mirror blogs on to drive traffic to their real blogs must have been deeply disappointed.

Update: Expressen tempts new bloggers with “an audience of a million”. Via Johan.

Footnote: Only daily visits via are counted. Blogs may have other visitors that do not come from

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