News site vs. Newspaper – 10 reasons for reading

Travis Nep Smith – Top Ten Reasons for Reading a News Site:

1. My news site has never stained my clean shirt or my car seat.
2. Anywhere I travel, my news site goes with me. It doesn’t pile up
while I’m away.
3. I can listen to my news site’s podcast while standing, while
eating, while riding a bus, OR while I drive my car.
4. If I read a story I like, I can send it to a friend without a stamp.
5. My news site doesn’t just have sections — it’s customizable, and
it shows my wife and I exactly what we’re interested, separately.
6. I’ll give you the battery advantage. But my news site has each
apartment listing with detailed descriptions, photos and a precise
map. My newspaper says “Downtown, 2 bd/2 bt, 5 appl., ht & ht wtr,
balc, d/i pool, n/p, n/s. $1200″
7. My news site never gets stolen off my doorstep or delivered late. Or wet.
8. My news site doesn’t need to be recycled.
9. If my news site is makes a mistake, they correct the original
story, and when I read that story later, I will see the corrected
version. My newspaper may not be broken, but it could be wrong.
10. I can read my news site in a light breeze.

Ken Ficara – Top 10 Reasons for Reading a Newspaper

1. My newspaper has never crashed, gone down, or flashed animated ads at me.
2. Anywhere I travel, my newspaper goes with me. I don’t need a laptop or a wireless connection or a PDA.
3. I can read my newspaper while standing, while eating, while riding a bus, but not while driving my car, which is just as well since I should be paying attention to the road.
4. If I read a story I like, I can tear it out and save it, and not have to pay to read it 30 days later.
5. I don’t have to sign in or customize or register or remember passwords to read my newspaper. And I often enjoy articles in my newspaper on topics I wouldn’t normally think I’d be interested in.
6. My newspaper has high-resolution picutres and type on large pages that load almost instantly, making it easy to browse and enjoy.
7. My newspaper is cheap, disposable and easy to replace. If it’s lost or stolen, it’s no big deal.
8. My newspaper is not made of unrecyclable toxic materials.
9. If my newspaper makes a mistake, the correction is posted with an explanation. It’s not sneakily applied to the original story after I’ve read it.
10. I can read my newspaper sitting outside on a nice day in the sun, even if a breeze is blowing, because I know how to fold a newspaper.