Top 25 PR and advertising blogs

This is a few days old, but I can’t resist a top list that includes my blog. Scott at Media Orchard lists the top 25 PR blogs, based on blogs tagged “Public Relations” at Technorati (admittedly a blunt instrument for determining “authority” of bloggers, but hey, it’s always something).

1. Micro Persuasion
2. gapingvoid
3. Global PR Blog Week 2.0
4. Duct Tape Marketing Weblog
5. ALLIED by Jeneane Sessum
6. POP! PR Jots
7. hyku blog commentary by blog consultant Josh Hallett
8. Media Guerilla
9. B2B Lead Generation Blog
10. AuburnMedia
11. Media Culpa
12. PR Meets the WWW
13. Marcom Blog
14. Marketing Begins At Home
15. A PR Guru’s Musings
16. Beyond PR
17. One By One
18. On Message from Wagner Communications
19. Across the Sound
20. Morgan McLintic on PR
21. Phenix Rising
22. Media Orchard, by the Idea Grove
23. Shotgun Marketing BLOG
24. Kinetic Ideas: A Marketing Blog
25. ZnetLady: Modern Media Modo

A similar search on blogs tagged “Advertising” gives us this top 25 list (with ├ůsk at Adland in an impressive 4th spot, with me on #18). One duplicate site removed.

1. Micro Persuasion
2. gapingvoid
3. Adrants
4. AdLand
5. Adverblog
6. business2blog
7. Blog Advance Advancing the Blogosphere
8. Personal Democracy Forum
10. Blog Karde?li?i “beta”
11. hyku blog commentary by blog consultant Josh Hallett
12. Brainstorm #9
13. Online Advertising and Web Industry Trends
14. AdPulp: Daily Juice from the Ad Biz
15. Digital Inspiration Software Reviews
16. Thinking by Peter Davidson
17. infOpinions? : Public Relations
18. Media Culpa
19. The Language Guy
20. everyhuman
21. The Surging Waves
22. Marcom Blog
23. Influx
24. Marketing Begins At Home