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The Centre Party sells local dailies for 190 million euro

The Swedish Centre Party has sold its media holding company Centertidningar AB to a consortium consisting of MittMedia Förvaltnings AB, Morgonpress Invest AB, Tidningsaktiebolaget Stampen and VLT AB (publ). The value of the deal is an impressive 1.8 billion SEK (190 million euro) which makes the Centre Party one of the richest political parties in Europe.

The acquisition of Centertidningar includes the following Swedish dailies:

Fully owned: Hallands Nyheter, Lidingö Tidning, Länstidningen Södertälje, Norrtelje Tidning, Nynäshamns-Posten, Södermanlands Nyheter and Östersunds-Posten.

Partially owned via interests in Hälsingetidningar: Hudiksvalls Tidning, Hälsinge Kuriren and Ljusdals-Posten.

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