Swedish television forbids journalist to blog – again

Journalist Per Gudmundson must have some sort of record for most gagged blogger. His first blog was abandoned because his employer SVT did not find it appropriate for one of its journalists to express political views in a blog on his spare time. Now Zaida Catalán informs us that his second blog, that I reported about yesterday, has been stopped too. He was supposed to have an offical blog at SVT 24 to report from the political event in Almedalen. But according to Catalán, the new blog was vetoed last minute by SVT’s Director of Programming Leif Jacobsson. In retrospect, it was interesting that the only person who came up to me to talk after my (and Gudmundson’s) blog presentation to the management of SVT was Jacobsson. He told me an Oscar Wilde (I think) quote that went something like “Say it with wine, say it with pearls, but never say it in words” meaning that once you publish something in writing it will always stick with you. In the light of that quote his veto might not be a big surprise. I’m sure this is not the end of this story.