“High” quality customer relations

I’m officially a dinosaur, a species destined for extinction, i.e. a fan of the Blue Nile. I went to two record stores yesterday to buy their new CD “High” and got the response “The Blue Nine? Uh huh, the Blue Nile, no we’re not selling it”. I thought this was a market economy and wherever there is a demand, it would be met.

Anyway, I read this blog post from a Blue Nile fan who got upset with the copy protection of this album, since he wanted to rip it to his iPod. So he sent an email to the record company complaining about the whole thing:

And they replied first thing yesterday morning, saying that it was a cockup by the manufacturers, and they would replace the CD, and please send my address.

so I did, and this morning arrived a new copy, and a complimentary copy of the single. They didn’t even ask for the original, or proof or purchase.

Now that’s good PR.