Friday random ten

While I am writing about music, I thought I’d try out Rox Populi’s Friday Random Ten (a day late, I know). As Rox says: If you haven’t done it before, pull out your iPod or MP3-player. Set it on random play and list the first ten songs you get. Here are mine:

1. True Love – Aquanote

2. Real Love – Drizabone

3. Meet Me At The Pier – Doves

4. Lovely head – Goldfrapp

5. Digital love – Daft Punk

6. Cactus – Pixies

7. Novocaine For The Soul – Eels

8. P-machinery – Propaganda

9. Truth – Dwele

10. Can I Get A Witness – Marvin Gaye

A lot of love there. Anyway, now it’s your turn, either on your own blog or below in the comments.