“Sweden in the news” – last week

Stories involving Sweden from last week:

> Sweden could be a talent magnet

> The sentence for pastor Åke Green’s hate speech against homosexuals is still a hot topic. It even sparked the Libertarian Alliance to demand that Sweden should be suspended from the EU (!). Interestingly, the Libertarian Alliance has some loose connections to the Swedish PR agency K-Street. The Libertarian Alliance is associated with Libertarian International, whose Swedish arm is Frihetsfronten, whose editor is Erik Lakomaa, founder of K-Street. Not that there’s anything wrong with it…

> Sweden threaten walk-out unless pair are banned: Kenteris and Thanou again.

> PlayStation banned from Swedish prisons: This one is fun. It was a story from Sydsvenska Dagbladet that I translated and did a short post on, which got picked up by the blog we-make-money-not-art, which in turn was picked up by Engadget and then the story spread across the net. What bummed me a bit was that most blogs linked to we-make-money-not-art instead of to me.