Widget for Swedes on Twitter

Billy McCormac recently suggested that Swedes on Twitter would use the hashtag #svpt for their tweets so that it would be easier to tap into discussions by fellow Swedes. This morning he posted a question on Twitter about how we can get people to use the tag.

I think there has to be a clear incentive in order to get people to start using a general hashtag. One such incentive could be that other people can find your micro blog posts and thereby users can grow their networks. So if you can publicize the stream of tweets on your blog, you will also reach non-Twitterers, and all users that use the #svpt tag will benefit.

I quickly set up this widget this morning. Maybe this can help promote the Swedes on Twitter channel. Feel free to post it to your blog, link to it, or just leave a comment if you think this is an interesting or lousy idea. You can of course also subscribe to the #svpt RSS feed by copying this URL to your blog reader: http://search.twitter.com/search.atom?q=%23svpt

You can also visit Widgetbox to get the embed code to post the widget to your MySpace page or Blogger/Wordpress blog.

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Footnote: Other examples of hashtags on Twitter: Mumbai and Motrinmoms.

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