Forget microblogging – here comes the nanoblog

Sometimes the craziest thoughts you have are the ones that become reality. In December 2006 I posted a tongue-in-cheek post with predictions for 2007. My ambitions were to do a similar post with predictions for 2008, but I never got around to finish it. But the initial thoughts are still lying as a draft from Jan 2, 2008.

Here is the first of my predictions:

January: the microblogging platforms Twitter and Jaiku see a dramatic drop in the number of users when they migrate to the latest hype – nanoblogging platform Quark Xpress, which allows users to post supershort messages that are 14 characters or less. The nanoblogging trend lasts only a couple of weeks until the picoblogging platform Antiquark is launched, and by then messages have become so short that no-one understands each other anymore and instead people start talking to each other IRL.

And now, a year later, a Swedish nanoblog has been launched, simply named which only lets you blog one word. Now, how long will it take before someone launches the picoblog?

I am also waiting for this prediction from 2007 to come true, or maybe it already exists?

* Linden Labs launches Third Life within Second Life, in which the avatars of Second Life are able to create digital 3D representations of themselves, so called avatars. This is the first Third Life to be launched within Second Life. The currency of Third Life is called London dollars, which causes an uproar among English avatars.

Update: A discussion on the microblog (!) Bloggy reveals that may already be on its way.

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