Swedish baby among most popular YouTube videos of all time

The most popular YouTube video of all time has been viewed more than 103 million times. It’s got almost 302,000 comments and 267,000 ratings (average rating 4.5 out of 5). Those are amazing numbers especially considering that the video has embedding disabled, so the file can’t easily spread across the web like most other YouTube videos. The video is the hit song Girfriend by Canadian pop princess Avril Lavigne and it was uploaded on February 27, 2007.

ReadWriteWeb writes that among the 10 most popular YouTube videos ever, 6 are music videos by professional musicians, 2 are comedy (professional comedians), 1 is a Spanish love story, and 1 is a Swedish amateur video with the baby William who just can’t stop laughing. That video has to date been viewed 62 million times and has 84,000 comments (average rating 5 out of 5).


Top 10 (million views):

1. Avril Lavigne – Girlfriend (103m)
2. Evolution of Dance (100m)
3. Lo que tú Quieras Oír (76m)
4. Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love (70m)
5. Rihanna – Don’t Stop The Music (n/a, video not available in Sweden so no link love for you)
6. Chris Brown – With You (70m)
7. Timbaland – Apologize (feat. One Republic) (68m)
8. Jeff Dunham – Achmed the Dead Terrorist (66m)
9. Alicia Keys – No One (65m)
10. Hahaha (Swedish baby) (62m)

Update: Apparently Avril Lavigne fans have inflated the number of views of the Girlfriend video by gaming the system. Wired has the details.

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