has a new look is a site that lets users curate content in social media and share what they find valueable on Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. It is till in beta and works only with Twitter, but yesterday they announced some new features and a new design.

“Today we’re turning it into a place, that let’s you follow the topics you are interested in and create and share your own topics with everyone else.

As part of this process, we are moving away from being a pure Twitter curation tool and instead of just allowing you to curate tweets, you will be able to curate any information into your bundles from tomorrow on.”

Although I still can’t curate any other source than Twitter, there are some new features worth mentioning. For example, there is a tab for “mentions” which is a way for me to find out if any of my curated content has been used by anyone else on There is also some statistics on each of the bundles that shows how many times the bundle has been viewed (a bundle is simply one channel or topic in which I create content).

I have created a few bundles like and Below you can also find an embedded curated bundle about the SIME10 event in Stockholm.