Fill it up and get fined

Citroën is running a tv commercial in Sweden for its C5 model with references to the new rules that allow Swedes to import larger volumes of beer. The C5 carries 49 cases of beer, 4 more than the competing model Volvo V70.

Problem is, that if someone would actually fill his car with 49 cases of beer, the would run the risk of being fined for exceeding the maximum weight the car is allowed to take, with 200 kilos.

The reporter at Resumé asks the Account Manager at ad agency Euro RSCG: “did you think about that?”.

Ad guy: “Yes, of course we did”.

Seems like they took a calculated risk.

Sponsor regrets Big Brother-sponsorship

Bed manufacturer Hästens sponsored the reality show Big Brother in Sweden and supplied the show with beds, but after several scandals including live broadcasting of sexual intercourse, the company now regrets participating because the company “has high ethics and moral”.

Makes you wonder what they expected people to do in their beds, in a show casted with ex-strippers equipped with loads of boose.