Swedish TV4 suspended on Twitter

Two weeks ago, Spotify which is one of the most followed Swedish brands on Twitter, were suspended on Twitter for two days without any further information. In a comment to my blog post a representative from Spotify said it was due to technical reasons at Twitter.

Today I noticed that TV4, the largest Swedish tv channel, have also been suspended on Twitter. According to some recent data I have saved, TV4 have some 1,200 followers on Twitter.

The suspended account is @tv4se

tv4 twitter

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4 thoughts on “Swedish TV4 suspended on Twitter”

  1. I’ve seen a lot of other people having 5K+ followers. How come these keep getting banned?

    Twitter’s huge. They shouldn’t be having any tecnical problems… 🙂

  2. This whole “suspended” thing is a real mess – as I wrote in the comments to your Spotify post Per.

    It just gets worse the more you look at it. What I’ve noticed today with the @tv4se suspension is that when an account is suspended it comes up as “no such account” if you look at http://twitter.com/tv4se when not logged in (although it does give a 200 – found http status code)

    Plus, all of your historical statuses return a 404 – page not found.
    Take this tweet as an example…

    Google’s cache of the tweet:

    The tweet itself (which at the time of writing gives a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” 404):

    Technical problem or whatever it is, Twitter needs to sharpen up it’s act – especially when it comes to business accounts.

  3. @James, Totally agree. When you access @tv4se on Twitter mobile it says the account has been suspended due to strange activity. I don’t think most brands would appreciate that kind of statements from a service provider, even from one that is free of charge.

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