“Stay off of Facebook” competition shut down by Facebook

Oh, the irony. Swedish tea brand Kobbs launched a competition in which consumers were challenged to stay off of Facebook for a week. To take part in the competition, users had to connect via their Facebook profile. The competition was supposed to last for a month, but was closed down today, after being live only for a few days.

Contest shut down by Facebook

There is no publicly available information explaining why Facebook shut down the contest. My guess is that there could be several reasons that the contest was in breach of Facebook Promotions Guidelines, but the use of the brand Facebook in the contest headline is a prime suspect.

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4 thoughts on ““Stay off of Facebook” competition shut down by Facebook”

  1. These kind of contests and promotions on Facebook are increasing rapidly. People who tend to adopt these kind of promotions should note that promotions are legally regulated by Facebook’s own guidelines. When you try to promote something which is beyond facebook’s terms of services will shut down your promotions! So it always suggestive to follow the guidelines of your promotional stream.

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