Influencers on Twitter talked about Sweden in 2009

Gryts skärgård

Sweden may be a small and sparsely populated country, but when it comes to Twitter, apparently influencers talk about us. According to Klout, which measures influence across the social web, Sweden was the 6th most talked about country on Twitter in 2009. Klout’s Influencer Zeitgeist 2009 claims that these are the ten countries that influencers on Twitter tweeted about:

1. United States
2. Iran
3. United Kingdom
4. Canada
5. China
6. Sweden
7. India
8. France
9. Australia
10. Japan

I find it quite extraordinary to find Sweden, a country of 9 million, in this list of international super powers. Apart from the standard explanations, that Sweden is one of the world’s most wired countries and that most people speak decent English, one reason could be that there are several Swedish companies and startups that have generated a lot of buzz. For example Spotify, Polar Rose, Voddler, Tobii, Rebtel and Twingly.

Other reasons Sweden has been discussed a lot of course have to do with the trial against the Pirate Bay (and the failed attempts to sell the site), and the success of the Pirate Party in the EU election. Sweden was the third most talked about country on Twitter during the election, according to (a site developed by my employer Burson-Marsteller). Sweden also held the Presidency of the European Union in 2009.

Some other stories about Sweden during 2009 that got attention were:

24 hour business camp
What is it with all these Swedish startups? Videoplaza signs new UK deal
Sweden’s Entire Internet Goes Black for an Hour
iPhone Homescreen Exposé Concept: Would you use this? “Swedish design house made an awesome mock-up video of an alternative homescreen for the iPhone.” This was the third most read post in 2009 on Mobilecrunch.
Voddler, the Spotify-for-movies, partners with Paramount and Disney
Swedish government promises superfast broadband for all
First 4G Mobile Network Launches . . . In Sweden 🙁

The most dugg story in 2009 on, tagged “Sweden” was “Jessica Alba schools Fox’s O’Reilly in WW II history” with 5733 diggs.

Another interesting finding in Klout’s statistics is that #fail was the 6th most used hashtag among influencers on Twitter during 2009. Brands should take note.

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