Audi taps social media for car design



For this year’s Los Angeles Design Challenge, Audi turned to social media for ideas and input on the design of new cars. Audi invited the community of nearly 400,000 Audi fans on Facebook to interact and come up with suggestions for the design of a Youthmobile that would come out in the year 2030. Designers engaged with fans in a numbers of ways, such as discussion threads, polls and feedback on photos and videos.

“With its nearly 400,000 fans, the Audi Facebook audience is composed of passionate brand enthusiasts who have a mutual affinity for automobiles. They yielded feedback for the design team that proved uniquely thoughtful. Additionally, the broader Facebook community was welcome to participate as well, increasing the potential input. Collectively, Facebook participants played a key role in shaping the design and functionality of the Audi models submitted for the competition.”

The challenge resulted in two concept cars: Audi eSpira and Audi eOra. More images and videos can be found via the Audi fan page on Facebook.

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