Swedish daily gets 8 percent of traffic from social media

One of the challenges with trying to convince businesses and organizations to engage in social media is that there isn’t an abundance of public cases with measurable results. In order to invest, many want to see proof that social media can deliver. Therefore it is with great pleasure I read that the local Swedish daily Sydsvenskan gets 8 percent of its web traffic from social media sites. Mattias Pehrsson writes today on Sydsvenskan’s blog:

“For more and more readers, the door to us is not the address http://sydsvenskan.se or a search engine, it’s a link in a blog, in a [social] network or in a forum.”

Last week, 8 percent of the traffic to Sydsvenskan.se came from social media sites, out of which Facebook is the leading referring site with 1.5 percent of the generated traffic. After Facebook comes Svenska Fans (sports community), Buzz (forum), Wikipedia and Twitter. Each of these sites deliver a few tenths of a percent of the total visits to the site. Pehrsson explains:

“But above all the traffic from social media is about the long tail. Many small sources in the end make up 8 percent of the visits”.

There you have it. Now go fish where the fishes are.

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