BlogSweden 4 – a survey of more than 1,000 bloggers

Here is the translation of the results from my fourth annual blog survey, BlogSweden 4, possibly the longest running annual blog survey in the world.

A total of 1,500 blog readers responded to an online survey in February 2009. Out of these respondents, 1,065 had at least one blog and the results of their responses are included in this presentation. According to the survey, young women continue to dominate the Swedish blogosphere.

The typical Swedish blogger in the survey is:
• female
• 16 – 20 years old
• reads 6 – 10 blogs daily
• spends 6 – 10 hours per week reading blogs
• often read blogs in the evening (6PM to 12 PM)
• likes to read blogs about everyday life experiences
• reads blogs to be entertained
• has clicked on an ad on a blog
• is a member of one or more social networks in order to stay in touch with friends
• has during the last 12 months shared a negative AND a positive experience online about a company, product or service
• does not publish on a mirco blog
• does not think that social media such as blogs, micro blogs and social networks will influence what party she will vote for in the next election
• blogs because she likes to write
• updates her blog every day
• does not mind being contacted by businesses in her role as a blogger
• is not anonymous
• does not have ads

BlogSweden 4

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The most popular topics continue to be everyday life experiences and fashion & design. Many respondents also say they mostly read friends blogs.

Female bloggers read:
• Fashion and design 60.0%
• Every day life experiences 58.2%
• Phot and art 48.6%

Male bloggers read:
• IT and blogging 63.7%
• Journalism and media 56.8%
• Politics and society 50.0%

More graphs and links will be added shortly. Previous reports can be found in the right sidebar.

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