Jaiku passes 50 million posts

I use both Twitter and Jaiku, the microblogging tools, and I find them both very useful, but for different reasons. There is a small but very active Jaiku community with Swedish media media and marketing professionals, but I don’t see the same growth in my network on Jaiku as I do on Twitter.

Jaiku unofficially passed 50 million messages a few minutes ago, which is only five percent of the amount of tweets on Twitter, which reached a billion posts on Nov 11, 2008. But bear in mind that comments to each Jaiku post are not counted here. Since conversations on Jaiku are more active, almost like in a forum, in reality the activity level on Jaiku is higher. A very unscientific check of my own community shows that about 50 percent of the posts have comments (between 1 and 20 comments each). The most commented post on Jaiku currently has 533 comments.

Jaiku post #50,000,000 does not appear to be public.

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