The state of the Swedish blogosphere – Q3 2007

Primelabs issued a new report (pdf) this week about the Swedish blogosphere, ranked by number of incoming links from other blogs. Twingly Report Sweden outlines the most influential Swedish blogs between May 1st and Aug 31st, 2007. Among other things it shows that 13 of the 20 most linked to blogs are about politics, 4 blog about everyday life experiences, 3 write about media and 2 about culture.

The ten sites that Swedish bloggers link to most are:

1. Dagens Nyheter
2. Svenska Dagbladet
3. Aftonbladet
4. YouTube
5. Swedish Wikipedia
6. English Wikipedia
7. Expressen
8. Flickr
9. Internet Movie Database
10. Technorati

Only four out of ten are MSM, and five (YouTube, 2*Wikipedia, Flickr and Technorati) could be categorized at user generated content sites.

Listed below are the ten most influential Swedish media blogs. And since influence isn’t easy to measure, I added these blogs’ Technorati rank, inbound links via Technorati and Technorati authority (a higher number means more authority). To my knowledge, Twingly/Primelabs do not measure international blog links but are mainly tracking pure Swedish blogs. I also added Media Culpa as comparison at the bottom of the table and as you see it has higher authority than any of the blogs on the list.

Swedish top media and pr blogs

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