Social networks and integrity

The debate about integrity and social networks continues in Sweden, but surprisingly without much participation from Facebook. Maybe that’s why Facebook is looking to hire a Manager, Corporate Communications to:
– Protect and enhance the reputation of Facebook’s technologies and platform
– Educate users, analysts, journalists and bloggers about Facebook products and platform
– Drive positive coverage in the business and technology press

Helsingborgs Dagblad has digged deeper into the topic and reviewed the terms of use for a number of social networking sites, but without drawing any conclusions from the information. Read more in Swedish here.

Furthermore, ENISA, the European Network and Information Security Agency, recently presented a paper called Security Issues and Recommendations for Online Social Networks. In the paper the agency lists a number of potential threats that may arise for users of Social Networking Sites (SNSs) and suggests actions to address them:

• Recommendation 1.1 Encourage awareness-raising and educational campaigns
• Recommendation 1.2 Review and reinterpret the regulatory framework
• Recommendation 1.3 Increase transparency of data handling practices
• Recommendation 1.4 Discourage the banning of SNSs in schools
• Recommendation 1.5 Promote stronger authentication and access-control where
• Recommendation 1.6 Implement countermeasures against corporate
• Recommendation 1.7 Maximise possibilities for abuse reporting and
• Recommendation 1.8 Set appropriate defaults
• Recommendation 1.9 Providers should offer convenient means to delete data
• Recommendation 1.10 Encourage the use of reputation techniques
• Recommendation 1.11 Build in automated filters
• Recommendation 1.12 Require consent from data subjects to include profile tags
in images
• Recommendation 1.13 Restrict spidering and bulk downloads
• Recommendation 1.14 Pay attention to search results
• Recommendation 1.15 for addressing SNS spam
• Recommendation 1.16 for addressing SNS Phishing
• Recommendation 1.17 Promote and research image-anonymisation techniques
and best practices
• Recommendation 1.18 Promote portable Social Networks
• Recommendation 1.19 on research into emerging trends in SNS
[Via Adam Erlandsson]

And while we are on the subject of Facebook, Anders Mildner, Sydsvenskan, earlier this week wrote an interesting piece about friends and “friends” on Facebook (in Swedish).

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