Non-UK visitors dominate UK papers’ websites

Medialife writes that foreign readers make up a large percentage of the visitors to UK newspapers’ websites. Non-UK visitors make up 66 percent of the Guardian’s online audience and 78 percent of the Daily Mail’s.

“Among the U.S. papers, gets 8 percent of its monthly unique audience from overseas, or about 1.3 million visitors, according to Nielsen//NetRatings numbers for July, while and get about 3 percent from overseas.”

Some of the reasons behind this picture, the article says, may be:
– that British papers offer a far more global perspective
– that British papers operate in a crowded home market, which forces them to offer compelling content

And just like oscarh comments on Vassa Eggen, another reason could be that the US simply is a significantly larger market than the UK and therefore naturally has more local readers.

Top 10 UK Newspaper Sites by Global Unique Audience
Ranked by % that is overseas audience

1 Financial Times 80%
2 Evening Standard 79%
3 Daily Mail 78%
4 Independent 68%
5 The Observer 67%
6 Guardian 66%
7 Telegraph 63%
8 Times 59%
9 Scotsman 55%
10 Sun 44%

And if anyone is interested, Media Culpa is up there with the Times in terms of foreign readership. 58 percent of the readers of this blog are from outside of Sweden.

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