Danish journalists don’t consider reading blogs part of their job

Kristine Lowe blogs about a survey made by Cision (formerly Observer). The survey shows that only one out five Danish journalists feel that it is a part of their job to read blogs. News journalists are the ones who are least inclined to read blogs, only 10 per cent do.

Earlier this year, Maria Grafström and Karolina Windell of Uppsala University, published a paper called “Blogging and Business Journalism: News Production in Transformation” in which they explore if and how blogs influence the production of business news. The authors made a quantitative survey among Swedish business journalists (79 responded) which showed that only 14% agree with the statement “I reference blogs in my work” while 86% disagree (63% disagree strongly). Only 25% agree with the statement “I read blogs in my daily work” while 75% disagree (42% disagree strongly).

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