Why Aftonbladet rules online, and Expressen doesn’t

Nine times out of ten when I go online for quick news I prefer Aftonbladet.se before Expressen.se. I find Aftonbladet easier to navigate and that they give away more information for free. Today I can give you a good example of how Expressen at times are way behind “Sweden’s leading news portal”.

Last night, one of the most exciting football games this season was played at Old Trafford. The first Champions League semi final between Manchester United and AC Milan, and what a party it was. The game had everything and for a Man U fan like me, the finish was excellent when Wayne Rooney turned a possible defeat around to secure a 3-2 win for the Red Devils. Since the game ended late last night, media coverage in the morning papers were scarce. Aftonbladet on the other hand has the story online on its frontpage and at least four articles (here, here, here and here), plus additional facts and photos.

When I check Expressen.se, it is even hard to find the coverage. I click on the “Football” section of the site, and believe it or not – I have to scroll down 16 pages before I find anything about the game. The only article found online is a short piece, two paragraphs with a quote from the studio at TV6.

Next time I need a quick sports update, I will choose Aftonbladet.se again.

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