Dagens Media closes blog – info still available via RSS

After the article by and about Niclas Rislund in today’s Dagens Media, the paper’s blog Köksveckan mysteriously has been closed. Two blog posts about the Rislund kerfuffle can no longer be accessed (although Researcher has the screen dumps). If the blog has been closed “for renovation” because several journalists on the photo have left the paper, the timing couldn’t have been worse. And if it is an attempt to delete the comments made by the reporters, they haven’t done a very good job. The articles can be read in Dagens Media’s RSS feed and you can still click on the link at the bottom of each post that says “comments” and it’s all available here:

First and second article.

UPDATE: The blog is up and running again. According to a comment on Researcher it was down for technical reasons, something the paper could have been much better at communicating in order to avoid conspiracy theories like my own.

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