A-list blogger silenced?

Deleting a post that you regret, is not considered comme il faut in the blogosphere. Forrester’s Charlene Li lists a blogger code of ethics which among other things states that deleting a post is not ok. Updating incorrect information is often seen as the right way to go. But when you are up against a top notch law firm even A-list bloggers like Robert Scoble compromise with their own principles (see Scoble’s own Corporate Weblog Manifesto. 8) If you screw up, acknowledge it. Fast. And give us a plan for how you’ll unscrew things. Then deliver on your promises.)

In a blog post from Jan 5, entitled “Don’t get ripped off by franchises”, Scoble links to a post on his brother’s blog where Ben Scoble wrote about how he had lost his share of a $30,000 deposit with Java Jo’z coffee franchise. But later on, the blog posts on all three Scoble brothers’ blogs have disappeared without explanation.

A good background and links can be found here and here. [Via Common Sense PR]

Cache here.

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