The world’s oldest blogger is planning a book

Two weeks ago, BoingBoing wrote about 92-year-old Donald Crowdis and asked if he might be the world’s oldest blogger. But we who follow the Swedish blogosphere know that Allan Lööf is Mr Crowdis’ senior by two years. Allan Lööf, 94, and has been blogging for a year and has had his own site for a couple of years. On his blog he writes that no-one has yet found an older blogger than him:

“Any blogger who is older than me hasn’t made contact yet. In a comment it has been said that there might be a 92 year old japanese who is currently blogging. Who knows?”

And today his local daily, Norrköpings Tidningar, reports that he is planning a book about his life.

Allan says:
“I’m planning to write my autobiography. I am surprised myself that I remember so much, my earliest memories are from the age of 2. The book would begin in 1914 and continue until today.”

If I’m half as productive at 74 as Allan is at 94, I’d be happy.

Update: To clarify, Donald Crowdis was born on 24 Dec, 1913. Allan Lööf was born 7 Aug, 1912.

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