RSS no hit among Swedish top blogs

Five of the top ten most visited Swedish blogs on the portal are about fashion (marked in red in the graph below). Svenska Dagbladet interviewed several of these young bloggers today and discussed their growing influence on purchase decisions. Some of them say they have to buy the items themselves before they blog about them, because they sell out. The other five top blogs are part of the Feber (“Fever”) network.

A thing that interested me was if I could find any correlation between the number of visits to a blog and the number of subscribers. After all, the fact that you can subscribe to news is one of the big benefits of blogs. So I checked Bloggtoppen which measures the number of weekly visits to member blogs (and the accuracy of these figures are constantly up for debate) and as far as I understand, the current numbers are visits so far this week. A blog like Tjuvlyssnat, with almost 50,000 visits this week, has only got 149 subscribers in Bloglines, which is probably the most popular RSS reader around. In fact, all of the top ten blogs have very few subscribers (in Bloglines) as you can see below.


Of course you shouldn’t put too much importance on the ratio figure, it’s just a number I calculated in order to compare the top blogs. If we look at my blog, I have in total 210 Bloglines subscribers (two feeds) and 261 visits so far this week according to Bloggtoppen. That is a ratio of 80.46%. Quite a difference from the blogs above, don’t you think? I have no explanation to this big difference. At first I thought it could have something to do with the way different blogs publish feeds, but all top ten blogs do like I do, which is publish the full RSS feed. So in theory you wouldn’t actually need to visit the website to read the posts (apart from Videofeber where I think you need to visit the site to check out the videos).

Maybe it’s just me…

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