PR blunder of the week

Few things are so instructive as reading about people in your own profession that screw up. And pitching bloggers is an art form few are able to master. Like in this example, in natural irritable Gawker style.

“How Not to Send Things to Gawker Stalker”

On my home turf, this would probably have to be named PR blunder of the week. Peter Eriksson, spokesperson for the Swedish Green Party, lashed out at Leif Johansson, the CEO of Volvo, for its decision not to continue to produce bi-fuel cars. Problem was that Johansson is CEO of AB Volvo, not Volvo Cars which was sold to Ford in 1999. Ouch.

– It would be nice if politicians on this level could tell one company from another. After all, AB Volvo is Sweden’s largest company, a press contact at Volvo commented.

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