Zidane head butt – it’s in the game

Back in town after more than three weeks in the summer house I wanted to catch up with the thousands of blog posts that lay waiting in my Bloglines account. But the Bloglines database was down and I accidentally clicked on a link that I shouldn’t have, so all my unread blog posts were erased (actually the site listed them all in a long list, but only a couple of hundred were visible). Then I realized, maybe that was for the best. I would never have had the time to sort out the good from the bad and starting the new blog season with a clean slate might take some of the blog stress of my back.

So I went and checked some of my favourite blogs and stopped by at the Media Orchard blog, always a source of amusing and inspiring stuff. They link to this new game from EA Sports, featuring Zinedine Zidane and Marco Materazzi – the FIFA Fighter.

No, it’s not actually. It is from a Photoshop contest of video games that never got made. Some of the entries are really creative.