Blogs in focus as gets award was named the best Swedish website at a gala yesterday evening when IDG publication Internetworld named the best websites in ten different categories.

The ten best media websites are:

1. Aftonbladet
2. SVT
3. SR
4. Expressen
5. Dagens Nyheter
6. TV4
7. SVD
8. Näringsliv 24
9. Dagen
10. NA

The top media sites are all complimented on interactivity and new tools like blogs (Aftonbladet, Expressen), pod-tv (SVT) and pod-radio (SR).

“Aftonbladet has finally taken a step back to interactivity. Now it’s here, on the web, that the follow-up discussions take place during the tv evening, and it’s here that the blog revolution seriously took off”

About Dagens Nyheter the jury writes:
“The only thing we are wondering about is why editor-in-chief Wifstrand persist in writing the blog that is the hardest to read in the country – and probably the most expensive.”

I agree that Aftonbladet is slightly better at implementing blogs on the site than Expressen, but it’s blog hosting service was launched about two months after Expressen’s. This was less than two months ago, back in April. So to say that this is where the blog revolution took off is a bit over-generous. Or was this a reference to Fredrik Virtanen’s blog?

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