Why don’t the tabloids care?

Expressen columnist Linda Skugge wants the Swedish football team to boycott the World Cup in Germany in a protest at extra brothels being set up for visiting football fans. What an excellent idea, and at no risk whatsoever for Skugge herself.

But why not start by arguing that her own employer should stop endorsing the World Cup, for example by handing out tickets to Sweden’s games, see link next to Skugge’s column? Above this column there is a banner to Expressen’s World Cup site www.vm06.se and we can expect most papers to exploit the World Cup during the coming months. There’s a lot of money to be made here. Let’s face it Linda, your salary is paid by World Cup fans. What are you going to do about that?

And while we are talking about women’s rights, why does the model in the photo below have to be a nude woman painted with the Swedish flag? I thought we were talking about the men’s World Cup here.

…just for the record, I strongly disapprove of prostitution. OK?