2005 in review

Many thanks to all my readers and a Happy New Year to all of you. Here are a few curiosities from the year that passed.

Headline of the year:
“Bottom falls out of thong market” – The Sunday Times, UK

Headline of the year #2:
“Headline here that reflects a story about Chirac, de Villepin and that man Sarkozy” – Financial Times prints dummy page.

Letter of the year:
Tony Blair to Göran Persson“And thank you for Sven”

“Those were the days” of the year:
Internetworld presents Sweden’s 50 most popular blogs, and not a single tabloid journalist is on the list.

Racist of the year:
The ice cream Nogger Black (irony intended)

Ignorant media quote of the year:
“I can’t name one single non-journalist with a blog” – Belinda Olsson, Aftonbladet

Most “no comments” in one interview:
Klas Åhlund of Teddybears STHLM in Aftonbladet

Most “gagged” blogger:
Journalist Per Gudmundson was stopped from blogging for the second time in July.

Overall quote of the year:
“I know that I have said what they say I’ve said” – Oisin Cantwell, Aftonbladet

“Mikael Persbrandt might disagree”-quote of the year:
“It is not a punishment to be seen in Expressen” – Niclas Rislund, Expressen

Photo gallery of the year:
Lothar and love – Lothar Matthäus’ website

PR quote of the year:
“She felt that the press wasn’t respectful enough,” says a pal, “I mean, Rob’s a publicist, not a magician.” – Paris Hilton dropped her publicist Rob Shuter because she was not pleased with his performance.

Top blog referers (2004-2005) to my blog:
1. Bilfeber
2. Adland
3. Mymarkup
4. Reklamfeber
5. Johan Norberg
6. Newsdesigner
7. LA Observed
8. We Make Money Not Art
9. Nya Ordlekar
10. Dick Erixon

Most clicked post:
“Reporters Without Borders announce blog award”

Highest number of visitors per month:
10,953 – January 2005

Weirdest month:
November 2005 – my blog was under an attack from bandwidth stealing referal spammers and suddenly got thousands of page views per day (topping at 4,553 page visits on Nov 17).

Award of the year:
I got an honorable mention in MarketingSherpa’s 2005 Best Blog Awards

My 10 most played songs in 2005 according to Audioscrobbler (my profile here):
1 Doves – Black And White Town
2 Tegan and Sara – Walking With A Ghost
3 Kent – Palace & Main
3 Kent – Den Döda Vinkeln
5 Raphael Saadiq – Detroit Girl
5 The House of Love – Gotta Be That Way
5 Death Cab for Cutie – Your Heart Is An Empty Room
8 John Legend – Live It Up
8 Kent – Max 500
10 Teddybears STHLM – Cobrastyle
10 U2 – All Because of You
10 Annie – My Heartbeat
10 John Legend – Let’s Get Lifted
10 R. Kelly – Weatherman
10 Raphael Saadiq – Chic Like You featuring Allie Baba

Top 10 played artists in 2005:
1 Coldplay
2 Kent
2 Raphael Saadiq
4 Doves
5 John Mayer
6 U2
6 John Legend
8 Cocteau Twins
9 Anna Ternheim
10 Death Cab for Cutie

Concert of the year:
Raphael Saadiq at Berns, Stockholm.

Reunion of the year:The House of Love

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