FIFA restrictions an opportunity for consumer generated media

Online editions of newspapers will not be allowed to publish photos from football games in the World Cup in Germany next summer until one hour after the game ends. This is a result of an agreement between FIFA and Infront Sports & Media in Switzerland, the company that owns the TV rights for the World Cup 2006. Also, not more than five photos may be published from each half of the game, because more photos could resemble a TV sequence.

These rules have upset the global newspaper organisation WAN which means that it is a restriction of media’s right to inform the public.

Obviously 75,000 spectators at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin couldn’t care less of these restrictions and should FIFA stand by its decision we would probably see a significant rise in traffic to photo sharing sites like Flickr. Bloggers and others that are present at the World Cup will be given an opportunity to beat media at its own game by publishing consumer generated content that is free (maybe not legally, but in reality) from restrictions. Suddenly a press accreditation is a disadvantage, not an opportunity.

Via Journalisten.