Hidden messages in ice cream brands

Centrum mot rasism (Center Against Racism) urge consumers to boycott ice cream manufacturer GB Glace because their advertising is racist. CMR mean that the ads for Nogger Black are “tasteless with a touch of racism” because the licorice, the graffiti like type face and the name Nogger all give associations to the word “nigger”.

“I GB-reklamen omformar ett hjärta texten: Nogger + Lakrits = sant. Bredvid står det Nogger Black i graffititypsnitt. Genom reklamkampanjen läggs symboler som anspelar på svarthet ihop, förpackas och säljs: den svarta bakgrundsfärgen; namnet nogger och så den svarta lakritsen.

Varför finns det ett sådant behov av att framkalla dessa associationer? Är det bara en slump att dessa symboler implicit har “negern” som källa och mål för sina tankeanknytningar?”

CMR manage to forget that Nogger comes from “nougat” and that the brand name has been around for years. Now CMR have reported GB Glace to DO, the Ombudsman against ethnic discrimination, which is a great move. I guess that DO has absolutely nothing else to do and we need to see those tax kronor work a little harder. Besides, this whole story puts a spotlight on potential hidden messages in the brand names of ice creams. Who would have thought that GB Glace secretely are manipulating our brains via ice creams? See these ice creams as an example:

> 88:an – Obviously they are promoting a promiscuous lifestyle which goes against all moral values of [pick your religion of choice]. The number 88 is used in sexual parlance to describe oral sex performed twice (ate twice).
> King Cone – The king of all ice creams and feminist target no 1, where is Queen Cone? And don’t you dare make it smaller than the King.
> Solero – A pink ice cream named after a town in Italy. A clear case of discrimination against Italians since it cements a view that Italians are lazy, spend most of the day at the beach and in general being girlie men dressed in pink.
> Sandwich – Both sexist and racist at once. Consists of two brown biscuits surrounding a piece of vanilla ice cream. As you all know, biscuit in Swedish is “kex”, also a slang term for girl, so the ice cream symbolises a threesome with two black women and a white male.

Let’s all help fight the important ice cream driven discrimination in society and for a moment forget about less important cases like immigrants being denied apartments or this open minded guy. [I hope you get that I’m joking.]