Blogs are established now

There’s been a lot of different opinions about when the real breakthrough of blogs will occur in Sweden. I claimed it happened in November last year because of a significant increase in the number of blog articles in traditional media that took place that month. The last week however, blogs seem to be everywhere in Swedish media, culminating today with two events, one being that Internetworld named Sweden’s 50 most popular blogs (see previous post). This has been reported today in most Swedish media via news agency TT Spektra.

The second event is a quote from EU Commissioner Margot Wallström’s blog which the news agency TT has picked up. The blog post is about the EU constitution. Among other things Wallström says: “Now we all look at France with hopes and fear.” The fact that TT picks up blog posts from a leading politician without any further explanation to what a blog is, and it then finds its way to, currently 25 Swedish papers, is nothing short of a landmark. I don’t think we need to wait for a blogger to bring down a journalist or a politician. Blogs are already established.