Bloggers talk shopping on weekends

You can learn a great deal from just analyzing data. This new Trend Tool from BlogPulse that I wrote about earlier this week is really fun. For example, did you know that shopping is discussed much more frequently in the blogosphere on Saturdays and Sundays than the rest of the week?


So what can you do with this information? Well, the fact that people shop more on weekends is probably not news. But say that you complement your current marketing strategy with an online campaign targeted to bloggers and run it on weekends when people are in a shopping mood. You can advertise via Google AdWords and pause your campaign from Monday to Thursday to reactivate it again on Friday. That way there is a higher chance that your ads deliver leads than during the rest of the week. Maybe, I don’t know if it works. Main point is that by running a simple search you can find different patterns in consumer behaviour.

If we add another parameter, a search for the word “sell” the graph is close to inverted. Bloggers discuss selling less on weekends than the rest of the week. Why is that? Maybe we buy stuff on Saturday, get disappointed and want to sell it on Monday (kidding).